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Tax Valuation


We offer services with the taxation and tax valuation of real property in all Ohio and Northern Kentucky counties as follows:

  • Filing a Complaint with the Board of Revision
  • Defending Complaints against real property
  • Attending Board of Revision hearings
  • Review of appraisal and market analysis
  • Briefs and arguments for Board of Tax Appeals

Related cases:

Blatt v. Hamilton County Board of Revision, 123 Ohio St.3d 428, 2009-Ohio-5260.
Ohio Supreme Court Case on the tax value of a new construction home in an established neighborhood. The homeowner purchased a property for $534,000 and demolished the home on it to build a new house for $400,000. The auditor set its value at $1,041,300, combing the cost of the land and construction. AR&H lawyers Richard A. Paolo and Stephen R. Hunt successfully argued on appeal that the new home should be valued at $773,800 for tax purposes, representing 70% of the land value (to subtract the cost of the demolished house) plus the new construction.