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Business Law

Our business law group serves clients in all areas. Clients receive advice and counseling on a wide range of legal issues facing businesses today. Whether you are a large corporation, a sole proprietorship or a small company, our business law attorneys are committed to providing prompt and proactive, value-added service.

We can assist you with projects such as the following:

  • Select the appropriate type of business entity
  • Establish the legal existence of your business entities and assist with their organization or incorporation
  • Draft the governing documents that control the operation of your businesses and the legal rights of their owners, such as buy-sell agreements, partnership agreements, operating agreements and closely-held corporation agreements
  • Maintain your business and keep it in compliance with statutory requirements, including sending reminders for annual meetings, maintaining current Minute Books and attending annual meetings
  • Provide guidance as to the relationships between/among business owners
  • Reorganize business entities and assist them in raising capital or procuring other financing
  • Selling and purchasing businesses
  • Succession planning from one generation to another or from one group of managers to another
  • Act as statutory agent for the business entity
  • Private Placement Agreements
  • Compliance with securities laws
  • Act as transfer agent for ownership interests
  • Draft leases and purchase agreements
  • Draft employee handbooks
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Audit Response Letters
  • Provide advice about hiring and firing of employees
  • Assist in financing projects for your business
  • Provide advice about employee benefits (i.e. vacation policies, sick leave, maternity leave, other leaves of absence) to ensure compliance with federal and state rules and laws
  • Draft and review contracts with your vendors and customers
  • Advise about security agreements to protect your business
  • Help in collecting debts owed to you