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About AR&H

Though the firm’s name and faces have changed a few times over our 90-year history, Aronoff, Rosen & Hunt, LPA has preserved the ideals of its founders by providing quality and comprehensive legal representation to its clients.

Originally established in 1928 by Irwin I. Aronoff, the firm’s practice has grown and thrived on a commitment to excellence. In the 1980s with the addition of new attorneys, the practice has since become one of the premier real estate firms in the Cincinnati area. We are proud to have among our current and past attorneys an Ohio State Senate President and a Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge.

The firm’s clients vary from large corporations and financial institutions to charitable and other non-profit organizations. They include real estate developers, builders, banking institutions and individuals. Aronoff, Rosen & Hunt, LPA strives for comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for all of its clients thanks to a team of skilled attorneys and professional support staff.


Our History

Irwin I. Aronoff

The founding father of what is now Aronoff, Rosen & Hunt is the late Irwin I. Aronoff, Esq. He opened his office in 1928 after graduating from Chase Law School. Irwin arrived in the United States from Russia at a young age and worked his way through school.

His first law office was in the Provident Bank Building, and he hired his first associate, Irving (“Irv”) H. Rosen in 1957. Irwin served as a mentor to several other young attorneys. Irv was his first partner, followed soon by Irwin’s son Stanley J. Aronoff.

Irwin practiced in a wide variety of areas, including criminal, domestic relations, and maritime law. He continued to practice law until approximately 1969, when he retired to enjoy life in Florida until his death in 1987.

Irv Rosen served as counsel for business law, tax law and real estate, focusing his practice on small corporations of annual sales of $20 million or less and real estate clients. He practiced law for more than 57 years and continued Irwin’s spirit of mentorship throughout his career. Irv continued to practice law “of counsel” until he passed away in December 2016.

AR&H continues to serve our clients with the commitment of Irwin and Irv, and we are honored to carry on their tradition.

Irving H. Rosen