House of Run N Tri opens as full-service triathlon store

Aronoff, Rosen and Hunt is very supportive of its clients and is excited to have helped Joe Fung open his new venture, House of Run N Tri.

The challenge of competing in a triathlon can be grueling on the body and mind. Training is rigorous and takes strict discipline. But, there are resources here in the tristate to help you train and gear up for your next physical challenge.

House of Run N Tri is open for business and offering new services for local marathon runners, triathletes, or anyone looking to improve their overall physical health. It is the first full-service triathlon store in our area.

Customers who come to the store will find run, bike, and swim gear needed for your next triathlon marathon, half-marathon, or even a 5K run.

Stocked merchandise at the store includes:

• Bikes
• Wet suits
• Running shoes
• Accessories

You do not need to be a competing triathlete to visit House of Run N Tri due to the wide variety of training courses offered throughout the year. Group training courses are held every week in each experience level from walkers, beginning runners to high-level marathon athletes.

Sessions are tailored in preparation for major marathon events in the Cincinnati area including but not limited to The Flying Pig, Hyde Park Blast, and the Thanksgiving Day race.

Owner, Joe Fung wants all people to feel welcome at the store, even if you’ve never run a marathon in your life.

“Once you get started doing something like marathon running, you have to make a mental challenge for yourself to stick with it. That’s why we train the way we do with the groups. We want to make this service more accessible to everyone.”

Joe is making sure this happens by offering 5K groups for beginners called Fit N 5K. These classes will introduce you to stretching, yoga, light lifting in preparation for a major run or just to get in healthier, physical shape. Each person will also receive a full fitness assessment and full nutrition evaluation.

Joe says this store is a place where people can come and feel at ease with their training and decide if these activities work for you.

“Everyone can gather and enjoy these activities together, “says Joe.
House of Run N Tri is located at 3709 Eastern Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45227.

If you want more information about the training class schedule and hours of operation at the House of Run N Tri you can go to or you can ‘Like’ them on Facebook.